Pre – Netflix Grishaverse Tag!

Hello there, allies and archenemies, and everyone in between! It’s another exciting time again to jump on the hype train for the upcoming Netflix series of THE MVTFCKING BEAUTIFUL GRISHAVERSE!

Dang son, I was so stoked when I saw the news! Tbh, I didn’t give a single sht with the Shadow & Bone trilogy, IT’S THE FRICKING NEWS ABOUT SIX OF CROWS THAT GRIPPED MY POOR BARDUGO HEART. So let us first take a moment to gawk and squeal over these amazing fanarts by amazing artists! (LET’S SUPPORT THEM GUYS)


Art by Charlie Bowater

I was tagged on Twitter by Rachael Marie, you can go check her Booktube vid here for this tag. So without further ado, here are all the prompts!

Nina Better Be Plus Sized: A Book with fantastic fat rep 


Of Covens and Undead Girls. I really love Mila, here! She’s Wiccan, fat, brown, and so unapologetic with fighting off all the white supremacist sht in her school. Although I only gave this book a 3-star rating, this is by far the best fat rep I’ve read in a book!

MALINA is NOT my OTP: A Book where you couldn’t get behind the romance


I loved this book so so so much–until the romance happened. Probably the only chick lit that I despised because of how the romance easily unfolded.

‘The Darkling Isn’t Dead’: A Book in which you connected with the villain

Art by Salome Totladze

SAY HELLO TO MY FIRST EVER BELOVED VILLAIN! This is Maven Calore from the Red Queen Quartet (still haven’t read Warstorm because of a lot of fans were disappointed  XD) I always pine for the MC you know, and this is the first book that persuaded me to root for the villain. Dang, I was just so compelled by him. I even had a pseudonym in Goodreads before derived from his name. 😂

Don’t You Dare Whitewash!: A Book to TV/movie adaptation where character’s ethnicity was respected.


I just found out from Rachael, that this was supposed to be whitewashed as well! LIKE THE WHOLE CAST? But dear me, good thing Kevin Kuan fought for this! I haven’t finished watching this yet, but I assure you there’s so much Asian bad-assery here!

The King of Scars: A Book by a beloved author you are super excited about


The Poppy War left me gasping for air. And I still haven’t reviewed that monster, but I am so fcking stoked for The Dragon Republic! *screamstothevoid*

Inej & Kaz: Fan Cast Your Faves

I’m not so good with fancasting tbh HAHAHAHAH although I have to agree that Chris Hemsworth fits Matthias! OHMYFCKINGGLOB I LOVE MATTHIAS HELVAR SO MUCH.


No Mourners. No Funerals: A Book quote that has stuck with you.

The world is not a wish-granting factory. – John Green, The Fault In Our Stars

Tag your faves and spread the hype!

The Grishaverse fandom is undoubtedly so vast, so if you ever loved these characters and their stories, feel free to tag yourself! Whether you have a booktube, blog, or just Twitter, you can do this tag and spread the hype and love for our dearest Grishaverse!

However, I’m still tagging these people hahahahaha. I hope you’ll enjoy this tag as much as I did.

Hamad | Lili | Justine | Brianna


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16 thoughts on “Pre – Netflix Grishaverse Tag!

  1. AHH THAT FANART IS GORGEOUS. and oh my goodness I love this tag! It’s so clever and it’s making me even more hyped for the show hehe. Thank you so much for tagging me💕💕💕

    Also I haven’t read Red Queen but I’m super intrigued by Maven now! I might have to pick up that book soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I died when I saw the news of Grishaverse being adapted, then I died again when i saw this tag….Thank you so much Divine. 💓💖

    i enjoyed reading your answers so much and those fanarts are amazing…Chris Hemsworth for Matthias might be my choosing too. hehe… And oh Undomestic Goddess was disappointing…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg, omg. sorry. sorry. sorry. I just gave you spoilers. my bad. I really thought you’ve read her other books. Her books are enjoyable but yeah most of the MCs lied at some point, you’ll see. But I encourage you to read them. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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