Tarot & Literature | Pick A Card To Find Out What Kind Of Reader You Are

Hello there allies, archenemies, and everyone in between! As most of you might not know, I’m actually a self-taught tarot reader. I started last year and its all thanks to my friends who are enthusiasts and of course all the Wiccan YouTubers I’ve subscribed to for introducing me to this!

This will be an ongoing series where I merge my (meager) tarot reading skills and the book community, so make sure to watch out for it! I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time but only formed the idea recently after reading Nandini’s post on Fantasy Book Recommendations Based on Your Zodiac Sign make sure to check it out as well, it’s really enjoyable to read!



This will be simple, make sure that you pick only the card that pulls you and not necessarily because you like the number. In this way, it will resonate with you more. Take your time in choosing the card and head on below to determine your fate, mere mortals!!! MUAHAHAH

Also, you can actually pick two cards if you want as long as it calls to you! Enjoy!


The Knight of Wands is an impulsive and fiery energy; the wands pertain to unbridled passion and although this may be a “positive” card, this passion can sputter as well. This card definitely pertains to the spontaneous and inconsistent energy of mood readers. You love fast-paced books, plot-driven ones, and you read only when you feel like it.

You like stories that make you feel strongly because ain’t nobody got time for slow-burns.  However, if given the right circumstances, you’ll definitely dive into these slow-paced books as well. Like the fiery energy present in the Knight of Wands, you have a deep love for reading and is passionate with fighting for what you love in them.

You’re an advocate for books and even if you haven’t read for quite some time, you won’t ever stop on promoting your favorite authors and books. You are the fayyyeehhrr and the book community loves your energy!

Consequently, the presence of the Page of Cups means that you’re a shameless nerd. HAHAHA the cups represent our mind that collects our emotions, and with that fish on the top, it only depicts how you crave knowledge in so many forms. Your reading taste isn’t defined by one genre; you like to jump from one book to another and it’s also supported by the Knight of Wands’ spontaneous energy.

You refuse to read only one genre which is why your peers often look to you for book recommendations; you just seem to know a lot even if you read inconsistently. You’re a well-read individual and you pride yourself for your indefatigable passion on literature.


Ohohohohoho so you’re a tsundere hmmmm lol just kidding…unless??

The Chariot is an apt representation of someone who knows what they want to read. You have built a niche that you’re already comfortable with or maybe you’re just in the process of it. However, one thing’s for sure, you already have a specific taste!

You have a keen eye to detail and you like books that are straightforward. No purple prose, no such thing as misdirection, just honest fine literature. You are goal-driven and more often than not have multiple reading challenges on your belt every year. Whether you succeed or fail on them, well, only you know that AHHAHAH.

Alongside this, you’re wary of switching genres from time to time since you already have the path where you want your chariot to travel. You love books with characters that are decisive, independent, and blunt.

However, despite all that the presence of The King of Cups also means that deep deep deep down…you’re just a softie. While you love strong characters, you need to know that they are all but flawed as well. You love characters that have a moral compass and are empathetic.

As opposed to the previous pile, you like character-driven books that give you a nuanced picture of relationships, may it be found families, misfits, etc. You are quite attuned to your emotions and your friends in real life actually go to you for advice. This is why as a reader, you love to continuously stretch your reading experience and want to feel. You’re an avid reader and while you may be tough outside you’re quite sensitive as well in the inside.


The Moon more often than not represents secrecy and in context, this means that you are a lover of mystery, thrillers, horror, and crime fiction. While you may read a lot of books as well, you often find yourself inclined to ones that are dark and unconventional. You crave for the unknown and like it when you get to unravel plot twist after plot twist. 

This doesn’t mean you’re a potential psychopath though (unless?? loljoke) but you really like to be surprised in your readings. You also like going blind in reading books because in this way you won’t feel any bias and form preconceived notions. 

You might also like gritty books that depict ugly truths, maybe even grimdark fantasy, and the likes. Additionally, because you have The Emperor as well, you might be someone who loves fast-paced action and challenging books. Mostly thick ones that people often get intimidated with.

The Emperor card is the epitome of the fire energy so you may be a Fire Sign as well (Aries, Leo, Saggitarius) but this card also represents authority. You like to read with a steady fervor and don’t want to be disturbed when you’re in the zone. You’re highly irritable and quite impatient sometimes.

Lastly, the combination of these cards mean that you’re an intense person. I don’t mean this in a bad way though, I think that you’re actually someone that often gets the “leader” role in most things. You are a highly competent and competitive reader, you don’t back out of any challenge and you’re probably the strongest advocate for books in all of the piles here.


The Six of Cups no doubt means that you’re someone who loves to reread your favorites. This card often depicts nostalgia as represented by the children and the cups. This also means that you may like Middle Grade fiction and make it a point to read and promote them. Alongside this, the Six of Cups represent your inclination to characters that are idealistic, noble, and have an innocent charm!

In numerology, the number six represents excitement, success, and reciprocation. In this context it might mean that you love books that are fast-paced and are close-ended. You despise books with ambiguous endings and prefer those that are resolved in a neat fashion. You have a keen eye for spotting plot holes which is why you’re someone that is quite hard to please with most books.

However, as I stated before, you are deeply committed to your favorite books and often reread them when you want to feel comforted! Now with the King of Swords, this means that you have high standards and quite picky with books to consume.

The swords actually represent intellect; you’re actually a very critical reader and don’t just read for leisure (though most of the time you do) but instead to excercise your mind and find new knowledge worth keeping. You’re a fast learner and as much as possible want to read so many genres if possible. 

In real life, you may be someone that is good-natured and benevolent but also someone who knows how to communicate what you want to say. Most people look up to you because of your eloquence! You’re an articulate writer and speaker and this is probably all thanks to your steady pursuit of knowledge. 


Well, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this pick a card reading and let me know if they resonated with you! For those of you who might be asking, I’m using The Universal Tarot collection by Salvador Dali. I just really love the art style but I also recommend Mucha’s!


21 thoughts on “Tarot & Literature | Pick A Card To Find Out What Kind Of Reader You Are

  1. I really LOVED this post, Divine! (on a sidenote: idk if you still remember but you did a reading for me at the start of the New Year which was pretty awesome and resonated so much with me so far!)

    Anyways, I picked Pile 2 and omg so spot-on! I felt the “starting multiple reading challenges” but ehm, mostly dont stick to it πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Also the one regarding being super attuned to emotions (as a Cancer skskks)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was sooo good !! I really liked it. I picked card 2 and I could definitely relate to what was being said. I have my little niche and I do really like blunt characters. Also the fact that it mentioned I like strong characters but that they need to be flawed as well, BIG YES !!
    I love characters driven books with messy relationships too!!
    This was an awesome post, thank you for doing this πŸ’›

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I picked pile 2 and I think that accurately describes me. Although I read all the others and went, “I do some of that too”. πŸ™ˆ I’m an established sci-fi and fantasy book nerd and I rarely deviate from it. Now even my new blog is dedicated to SFF, so I think I firmly belong in Pile 2. πŸ˜…
    This was such an awesome post! I’m definitely looking forward to more of these in the future. I have a tarot pack but I don’t do much with it. I just like the aesthetic, lol. But it’s something I’m interested in. I’m so glad my post gave you the push you needed to write this one. It’s so good and can’t wait for more! β™₯️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG, OMG THE ONE I GOT WAS SO ACCURATE! this is why i believe in tarot cards!!!
    i picked 3, but i don’t read mystery/thrillers, etc., so at first i thought it was wrong. but then i realized that it’s one of my biggest goals to read more books in that genre since i enjoyed the ones i have read so much. and how did you know that i like going into books blind, and get kinda competitive when it comes to reading??
    i’d love to see you divine (haha, i’ll show myself out) more things about my life! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I picked Pile 3 and it’s weirdly VERY accurate. Well, aside from me being a fire sign and the last thing about being a leader and being competent/competitive hahaha. This is such a creative post and I’m lowkey jealous of your self-taught tarot skills ahahaha ❀ ❀ ❀


  6. I picked no 3 and OMG THEY RESONATE WITH ME A LOT. Although I don’t read that many crime, mystery books I enjoy watching movies and tv shows with that genre. I’m always drawn towards the dark and unconventional. And yes I am a Sagittarius!! I got chills when I read that one!

    This was so fun and YOU ARE AWESOME 😍


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