“Everyone’s in their own personal coma.” —Chuck Palahniuk, Diary

Partly a literary blog. Partly a little nook to divulge my thoughts on art, architecture and, life in general. But mostly, a safe space to let my passion cultivate in full bloom.

Welcome to my personal coma.

The name’s Divine! I’m an aspiring architect but in this blog, you’ll see more of my other passion–reading. I started actively seeking books when I was around 8 and only heighthened it when I was in highschool. My college years were in fact, my reintroduction to reading and since then I’ve been active here.

I mostly read Fantasy books by female authors and anything with Asian representation. I also love reading graphic novels once in a while–I treat them as palate cleansers! Alongside this, I have an inclination with character-driven books as opposed to plot-driven ones. I’m an escapist and a sucker for the fantastical.

Get to know more about me!

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