Blog Discussions

Here is the directory of all the blog discussions, recommendations, and lists that I have written in my blog for each year! Feel free to browse through them and message me through email: if you want to see a particular topic discussed from me.

The ones with stars on them are my favorite and most viewed discussion posts.


  1. Fantastic Short Stories & Where To Find Them | A List of Free Stories To Save Your Reading Challenge
  2. Do I Make Enough Effort? | My Struggles in Promoting Diverse Books
  3. Tarot & Literature | Pick A Card To Find Out What Kind of Reader You Are
  4. Why Read Japanese Crime Fiction | 4 Reasons & 20 Book Recommendations
  5. That Book/Film Was Just “Boring” For Me | Why You Have To Be Critical In Consuming Content Before Passing Judgment
  6. Architecture in Literature | How To Analyze World Building in Fantasy Books
  7. The Irreplaceable Beauty of Reading | Why We Still Continue To Love It
  8. Evolution of Reading Taste | How I Jumped From One Genre to Another
  9. My (Meager) Good Reading Habits | Or Rather The Only Habits I Stick With
  10. The Beauty of Rereading Your Own Book Reviews
  11. Pop That Cherry | In Defense of Romance Pocketbooks
  12. How To Find the Right Review To Persuade You To Read THAT Book
  13. The Reading Diet Guide | How To Be Mindful of What You Read


  1. A Hodgepodge of the Best Books of My 2019 | The Weird, The Gory, and The Emotional Reads
  2. Why Comparing Your Book Reviews To Others Is Both A Harmful & Healthy Habit
  3. Booksale Binge | The Iconic, The Weird, and The Utterly Ridiculous Books I Bought This Year
  4. How A Book Seduces Me To Submission | 12 Reasons That Makes Me Read
  5. I Love To Read Books Therefore I Am Intelligent | The Privileged Life of A Reader In An Already Underprivileged Third World Country
  6. The Artists Behind The Book Covers | A Long Overdue List Of Our Unsung Heroes
  7. 6 Truths I’ve Learned from 6 Months of Book Blogging
  8. The Perks of Dating A Mood Reader


18 Books That Unapologetically Gutted My Heart Out and Hastily Pieced It Back Together this 2018!