The Women’s History Book Tag | A List Of My Literary Heroines

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! I’m finally doing another book tag and this is by far my most favorite. Thankfully, Belle @Belle Can Read tagged me; this was originally created by Margaret @Weird Zeal. (Make sure to check out Belle’s blog as well, she writes eloquent discussion posts!) Continue reading “The Women’s History Book Tag | A List Of My Literary Heroines”

My (Meager) Good Reading Habits | Or Rather the Only Habits I Stick With

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! We all have our guilty quirks in our reading process but each of us has at least one good reading habit that makes us stick in the reading game! Continue reading “My (Meager) Good Reading Habits | Or Rather the Only Habits I Stick With”

12 Days of Christmas Book Tag |Happy Holidays Bookwyrms!

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! It’s the season to do a Christmas tag. (Also HII I’m back, but not really XD) I found this tag while I was scouring the depths of booktube. This tag was originally created by Lizzie Loves Books. Make sure to check out her video as well!

So lo and behold ze tag of the month!



The partridge stood alone in the pear tree. What is your favorite stand alone?

Image result for magic for liars
Read my review here!

This is currently my favorite stand alone! Albeit I’ve loved a lot of stand alone books, this is what comes to mind with what I’ve read this year. Magic for Liars isn’t for everyone though but I seriously loved this.


Love is in the air! Who is your one true pairing?

Image result for leo and calypso

While I fairly loved Percabeth, I will forever love Calyeo more BECAUSE HELLO? ALL THE LADIES LOVE LEO VALDEZ. Idk how many times I’ve mentioned this but Leo Valdez is my dream guy, no joke.


In the spirit of threes, what is the best trilogy you have read?

Related image

I’ve read a lot of trilogies but this still tops them all! His Dark Materials is a fcking classic.


Since series usually consist of four or more books, what is your favorite series?

Related image



One ring to rule them all! Who is your Favorite Villain/Antagonist?

Image result for MAVEN CALORE

Maven Calore of the Red Queen quartet will always be my favorite villain. HE IS ALSO THE FIRST VILLAIN I’VE PINED FOR.


Creation is a beautiful thing. What is your favorite world/world-building?

Image result for hogwarts

Idk why but the world of Harry Potter will always remain in my heart (despite the fact that I now don’t stan JK Rowling herself)


Who needs seven swans when all it takes is one good animal sidekick? Who’s your favorite animal sidekick?

I currently have no one in mind. I think I’ll have to read more books with animal casts first before deciding on this!


Milk is so 18th century. Which book or series takes beverages/food to a whole new level?

Image result for heartless

Heartless is the decadent tale you’ll surely love! Since the MC here is fond of baking there are just so many too good to be true treats in here. (This is also my favorite book of Marissa Meyer’s!)

Related image

Another one that comes to mind is this perfect anthology! Sadly, I still don’t have a copy of this gem although I’ve read a lot of reviews from other bloggers that definitely persuaded me to read this!


Dancing is just one skill of a Lady! Who is your favorite kickass female lead?

Image result for rin the poppy war

Rin of The Poppy War is the ultimate bad ass. I actually pity her for the progression of her arc but I cannot deny that she is one formidable woman.


How about your favorite leading lad?

Image result for locke lamora

Locke Lamora will forever be the best lad in the fictional world. Not because of his moral compass or even his looks. It’s purely because of his brilliant mind! There’s a reason why Scott Lynch is now my top favorite author and it’s all because of The Lies of Locke Lamora. UTTER PERFECTION!


What is your favorite book or bookish thing with musical influence? (It can be about music, reference music a lot etc.)

Image result for this savage song

I haven’t really read a lot of books with music themes and references so I’d probably pick this one! Plus, August is someone I’d protecc!!!


Drum roll please…what is your favorite read of this year?

Image result for the lies of locke lamora

LO AND BEHOLD MY FAVORITE BOOK OF THE YEAR. I am so happy that I got to read this massive beauty! This is also the thickest book I’ve read in 2019. THANK YOU SO MUCH SCOTT LYNCH FOR CREATING THIS BEAUTY.


I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this Christmas tag as well! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Stranger Things Season 3 Book Tag!

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! As you may or maynot know I’m an avid fan of Stranger Things and this season was sooo soo sooo fun to watch (mah babies have grown *sobs*) I saw Flavia The Bibliophile talking about this on twitter and I’m very happy that she tagged me! If you would like to do this as well just make sure to link back to the original post ^^

Also, this tag will be spoilery in some ways so pleasee pleasee pleaseee step away if you haven’t watched this yet!

Check out Flavia’s other Stranger Things tags as well:

Season 1 —> here!
Season 2 —> here!)

And now we start my friends!


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Image result for gone girl book

There had been a lot of mixed reviews for this one but I honestly loved how brutal and twisted this book was. It ultimately changed my taste for books and pushed me to read all of Gillian Flynn’s books (YES I DID AND THEY WERE ALL WONDERFULLY GROTESQUE)

The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials #1)

Image result for the golden compass

I adored this trilogy!!! In fact, I’m quite excited that this is now getting a TV series adaptation albeit I don’t know how it differs from the progression of the book. Watch the amazing teaser here:


The Surface Breaks by Louise O’Neill

Image result for the surface breaks

This is truly one of my favorite retellings of The Little Mermaid and it was able to discuss in-depth about feminism and sexism!

Listen To Your Heart by Kasie West

Image result for Listen To Your Heart by Kasie West

This was the first Kasie West book that I’ve read! I kid you not guys, I am now a firm believer fo her magic *squeals*

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Image result for maven calore fanart
Art by Salome Totdlaze

I mean duh??? HAHAHAH I was actually smitten by Maven hhhngggrr (Maica, if you’re reading this I didn’t forget about our baby this time!! XD)

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Related image

I will always, always, always love The Maze Runner series with all my heart. It’s the first dystopian book I’ve read and kind of cemented my love for books more! Thanks Dashner for making me a glader!

The Percy Jackson Series & The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

Image result for the percy jackson series

OKAY I’M TECHNICALLY CHEATING??? And I honestly don’t care ahahahahha these series has all of the best battle scenes in the history of my reading experience. *sobs* thank you so much Uncle Rick for creating this world uwuu.

Bonus Round

Uhmm honestly none??? I do love Alexei though huhuhuh.

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

Image result for kitay fan art the poppy war

I love Kitay with all my heart and I don’t want him to die in the next book okay??? I JUST CAN’T HANDLE THE EMOTIONAL TRAUMA IF THAT WILL HAPPEN. I don’t care if Rin will die, just not Kitay please please please Rebecca have mercy!

I really enjoyed this tag!!! Thank you once again to Flavia uwuu. If you enjoyed this as well then you’re free to do this :>

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Top Ten ASMR Videos To Set The Vibe For Your Precious Reading Time!

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! 

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It is a weekly meme and this is my first time to try it out!

As you all may or may not know, I’m an avid fan of ASMR and I always watch two to three videos every single day. No joke. It has helped me to relax in times of stress, sleep and, mostly to set up my mood for studying and reading books!

And despite the many one sided criticisms ASMR get from people, I still advocate and use them. I hate it when people think ASMR is just a weird type of porn for eargasms. News flash: there’s REAL porn so just go off there okay?

I just want to clear that up because I badly want to defend ASMR; and so today I’ll be sharing to you ten of my recommended noise cancelling and ASMR vids for reading!

So we all love rainy days because it’s usually the perfect time to read, but being in a tropical country, sometimes we just can’t have the embrace of a cold weather. So I mostly crank up the electric fan to the highest level and listen to these videos! It kind of releases some kind of psychological effect every dang time because I  honestly feel the shivers!

My personal favorite is The Guild of Ambience channel because of its amazing graphics that are definitely my kind of aesthetics! If you also play Skyrim this has that similar vibe! (I don’t play it btw my friends do though)

This is also one of my favorites! It makes me feel nostalgic all of a sudden and has this perfect jazz music in the background and soft chatters that makes you really feel that you’re outdoor minus the anxiety and clutter! In fact, this is my go to video every time I need to concentrate in studying.

Another Guild of Ambience treasure! This is such a perfect ASMR video to play in the background if you’re reading high fantasy.

Welp, I am a Hufflepuff after all and how can I not include this? It has amazing graphics and is very relaxing to play on the background! Plus there are even frequent shadows and whatnot playing in the video that makes you feel like you are actually inside the commons room!

Goodnight Moon is definitely one of the most creative ASMRtists I follow, she has such a soothing voice and has even a steampunk/ country series named Babblebrooks! These are my favorites of hers when reading because it doesn’t distract me that much. (These are also nice to watch before sleeping!)

And last but not the least Maria from Gentle Whispering ASMR! She was the reason why I got addicted to ASMR because of her nurturing and motherly vibe in her videos. I LOVE HER SO MUCH UHUHUHU She’s also one of the most famous and longest running ASMRtists in YouTube.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to listen to these ASMR videos!


  • Do you listen to ASMR too?
  • Who are your favorite ASMRtists?
  • What kind of music do you often play on the background if you read?

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Unpopular Opinion Book Tag!

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! It’s time for another book tag again and this is one that I’ve always seen circulate in the book community. I guess it’s high time to finally join in the fray! I’ve unearthed this tag in Erin The Book Nut’s post.

Let us begin!

A popular book you didn’t like.

Related image
Read my review here!

Oh the trappings of a beautiful cover! This was a book filled with beautiful words you can’t help but laugh how ironically empty the sentences are. There’s one part where a violin’s music is described like chocolate??? And saffron with all it’s yellowines?? It’s just that the adjectives are so mismatched here. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED WITH THE PLOT. This book just straight up lied to me.

A book series that everyone hates but you love.

Related image

I don’t think EVERYONE hates this series but I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews for this baby and honestly? I don’t fcking care Brenda. This book introduced me to YA Fantasy and all its facets; this book was the ONLY book that I’ve read in my first year in college; and this book holds a special place in my heart for keeping my faith in reading.

A love triangle where the MC ends up with the person you didn’t want them to end up with.


Related image

Yes, I didn’t pine for Peeta at all. I’m sorry but Gale IS THE MAN. Let’s say it’s the reason why I’ve DNFd this book.

A popular genre you rarely reach for.

Related image

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I AM A SCAREDY CAT AND WILL NEVER EVER TOUCH HORROR.

A popular character you didn’t like.

Image result for harry potter

Before you crucify me, please hear me out folks! I don’t wholly dislike him, I just find him incredibly stupid and impulsive sometimes. I love the HP series mind you! But sometimes Harry can just get on my nerves so much that I even related to Malfoy at some point.

A popular author you can’t seem to get into.

Image result for stephen king

As I’ve said before I will never touch horror so naturally, it would be Stephen King.

A popular trope you’re tired of seeing. 

The love triangle! Mostly because I don’t want the MC to choose the other guy that I wasn’t pining for and because it’s just so fcking unfair for the second lead? Nope. Nada. I don’t want to go through the emotional stress. Aside from this trope I also hate it when the guy suddenly finds “the one” while still being in a relationship. LIKE WTF DUDE? Perfect examples are: Love and Gelato as well as Anna and the French Kiss.

A popular series you have no interest in reading.

Image result for throne of glass series

Yippie kayak! My younger sister was the one who read this series and persuaded me as well but right now, I don’t think I’d really care. This was really more of a hype pressure for me!

The saying goes “the book is always better than the movie” but what movie do you prefer to the book?

Related image

I’ve read the book only after watching the movie with its altered ending. This was tons better and had me cracking up the whole time! The book, however, has more of a depressing tone with it which really differed from the movie’s direction

Thank you so much for reading through this haphazard and easy tag! I do hope you enjoyed so I’m tagging YOU as well! And all these other folks (don’t mind this if you guys already did this though!):

Maica | Ella | Sophie | Misty | Caitlyn

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The Mid-Year Freak Out Tag | In Which I Spotlight The Meager Books I’ve Read (So Far) This Year

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! This the season to be jolly-er to panic rather for we’re already halfway through 2019! Can you believe it? Because I seriously don’t and I’m freaking out with the meager amount of books I’ve read these past months compared to last year (best reading year for me!) I saw this tag originally from Sophie @ Me and Ink! Check out her blog as well, she’s such a fluffy and creative blogger uwuuu.

Best book you’ve read so far in 2019

Image result for the hating game
Read my review here.

OHMYFCKINGGLOB. This is the epitome of the lovers to enemies trope and it was so shameless and fluffy and so fcking good! I cried over this, I laughed over this, I had gotten so much kilig for this! Josh Templeman is someone I would die for and I would definitely reread this soon. I’m not usually a huge romance reader but I was utterly dumbfounded how this uberly hyped book is worth the read.

Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2019

Image result for the wicked king black
Read my review here!

Say hello to the only sequel I’ve read this year! HAH. Poor me, but nevertheless this was definitely a compelling sequel and overthrew The Cruel Prince tenfold. I really love how the worldbuilding here was more fleshed out and how there were just few qualms for me. The ship is still frustrating as ever though and really became more appealing. I’M SO EXCITED FOR QUEEN OF NOTHING THIS NOVEMBER. HOLD ME PLEASE.

New release you haven’t read yet, but want to.

Related image
Read my review of the previous books here!

This is the final installment for the Royal Bastards’ series and I JUST NEED TO READ THIS ASAP. While Royal Bastards might be a little too cliche for other readers’ liking, this was actually the book that cemented my love for YA Fantasy. The second installment was a major glow up btw, so I implore you to read it as well! (World building and architecture on point)

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year.

Image result for ninth house leigh bardugo

None other than by my queen! Leigh fcking Bardugo!!!! Ninth House is another series she’ll be writing and what I love the most is that it will be released on MY BIRTHDAY! The gods have heard my prayers and the stars have aligned in my favor.

Biggest disappointment

Related image
Read my review disappointed review here!

This was one of the most hyped up stand-alone fantasy books that have been raved by a lot from my favorite reviewers! Unfortunately, this was a lackluster book that disappointed me so much that I have to stop my eyes from perpetually rolling. It felt like an over the top anime and videogame for me. So nope.

Biggest surprise

Image result for confessions of a not it girl
Read my review here!

I bought this book from Kuya Neil/ @neil0rbleed and this was the best YA contemporary book I’ve read this year! I can’t believe the fact that this was still utterly relatable for me despite the intended audience; this reminded me so much of teenage years. Definitely a hilarious read!

Favorite author (debut or new to you)

Image result for sarah gailey magic for liars

This was the most recent book that I’ve read and I can’t believe that this was Sarah Gailey’s debut! Magic for Liars is a fresh take on magical realism and murder mystery. Her writing bleeds humor and the unlikeliness of metaphors. Definitely someone you’d watch out for!

Newest fictional crush.

That would be Joshua Templeman of The Hating Game and Edan from Spin The Dawn!

Newest favorite character

Image result for magic for liars

Alexandria DeCambray is the show stealer here for me because she was so fun to analyze in the perspective of Ivy Gamble, our MC. She’s cunning, powerful and, very much like a teenager. I love how frustratingly compelling her character is.

 Book that made you cry

Image result for my fate according to the butterfly

This straight up pierced my heart in all the right and vulnerable places. I never thought I could cry over a Middle Grade book again and this was so close to home. Truly a relevant read for Filipino readers out there and if you also want to get a taste of how things are running here in my country.

Book that made you happy

Image result for confessions of a not it girl

I think this book doesn’t deserve any explanation!

Most beautiful book you’ve bought or received so far this year.


This is straight up the most beautiful cover that I recently seen from a book. I love the pop art style here so much; follow me in my bookstagram as well for more!

What is your favorite post that you’ve written so far this year?

I have quite a lot of favorite posts of mine (YES I WORSHIP MY POSTS because who else would do it for me?) so I’ll just leave them all here!

Favorite Discussion Post

I Love To Read Books Therefore I Am Intelligent | The Privileged Life of a Reader In An Already Underprivileged Third World Country

Favorite List

The Artists Behind The Book Covers | A Long Overdue List of Our Unseen Heroes

Favorite Review

Skullsworn by Brian Stavely Book Review | An Unlikely Literary Masterpiece

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?

A lot. I can’t even start as to where! Plus I’m a mood reader so I guess I have a flexible TBR for this part.


I TAG…YOU! Comment down on your Mid Year Freak Out Post as well so I can read potential must reads!

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I Know That Song Book Tag!

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! Today, I’ll be doing another book tag. Welp, at first I was one of those people who thought book tags are just plain unoriginal and now, ohohohoboy look at me jumping on another one every month. It seems that I quite enjoy doing these tags so you know what? Former Divine who judges book tags could rot in hell. I originally saw this tag in Erin’s blog! 


For each question, I will be giving both song and book that go with the question. They don’t have to go together, but sometimes they may. Welp let’s do this!


My Jam: A song you still listen to no matter how many times you’ve heard it and a book that you’ll never get sick of

Yup. I’m one of those people who doesn’t EVER get over their favorite bands in high school. All Time Low is my staple answer to any song recommendation. As for the book, I don’t actually reread books but it would probably be

Image result for the hating game sally thorne

I’m just a sucker for the enemies to lovers trope and, while The Hating Game would be very reminiscent of other chick flicks you see in movies. THIS HAS A FCKING SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART.

Throwback: a song that reminds you of the cringiest time in your life and a book you read that you wouldn’t like if you read it now.

Quick disclaimer: I don’t dislike this song cover!

This just reminds me of those times when I just did every cringey and stupid decision a 16 year old would do for a guy. (I actually listened addictively to Boyce Avenue because of him) YUCK. HOW DO YOU ERASE A LIFE EVENT??? I DON’T EVEN LIKE HIM ANYMORE BUT HEARING THIS SONG TRIGGERS ALL MY CRINGE WORTHY DECISION-MAKING SKILLS. Noice work Divine! You’ve tainted Boyce Avenue because of this. *gags*

Related image

Ugh. The horror. This book is just complete absolute trash and I won’t even apologize for it. Zia eloquently explains the same sentiments about this book as well. Go and check it out here!

Replay: A recent song that you have on repeat and a recent favorite book.

My friend actually recommended this to me last week and I can’t stop listening to it! Feng Suave is such a cool name no doubt but by the time you listen to their songs their band name suddenly makes absolute sense.

Image result for life expectancy dean koontz
Read my review here!

Dean Koontz is my all time favorite author in high school and I tried to rekindle that flame once again. Welp! I was right, I still love his books and Life Expectancy turned out to be one of my favorite reads this year albeit its grotesque nature.

Gets me: a song that is literally me and a book that is me in book form

I met Clara Benin last March 3. GAHDDD She’s my all-time favorite local artist and my insides were screaming when I took a picture with her. Also, this song is me because as much as I don’t want to admit it, I could be pretty EASY. I’m a hopeless romantic that doesn’t want to explicitly admit it when I like someone so I just wear a facade that screams “I DON’T LIKE YOU SO GET TF AWAY FROM ME” Yup.

As for the book, I don’t think I found it yet, something that actually represents me and my insecurities, dreams, and likes. So I’ll just settle for the most relatable book that I recently read.

Image result for Confessions of a Not It Girl

WUT: A weird song that you liked anyways and a unique book that stuck out to you for some reason

I don’t usually listen to this genre but it seems like the Youtube algorithm have been doing a lot of work and recommended a lot of amazing songs!


This book is probably one of those books that I usually don’t enjoy. However, this one ripped my heart and gutted all my feelings until I’m a dried-up husk without any semblance of a human being. This pained me okay????

Let’s Go: Pick your best pump up song and a book that inspires you

I’ve murdered the replay button when I first listened to this fcking work of art. It just makes me feel alive! Also, the overall aesthetics for this music video is amazing.

Image result for the storied life of a.j. fikry

This book is just soooo heartwarming for me and I think every reader should read this!

Chill: Your best chill or relaxing song and a book you’d curl up with on a rainy day

Clara Benin’s mellifluous voice and songs just make me feel so relaxed and happy. She is my favorite local artist and she makes me feel all the fluff in the world whenever I listen to her songs. Her album Human Eyes is quite nice to listen to when it rains.

I think I’d go with any book in this type of situation, to be honest! Plus, I’m a mood reader so I’ll definitely read anything when it rains. (Also, it’s raining while I’m writing this book tag, isn’t that amazing?)

Addicting: A guilty pleasure song and a light, trashy read you can’t help but love

DAMN. If I had vanquished my stigma against pop artists earlier I would’ve loved Dua Lipa. It was only then that I tried to branch out with my music preferences that I admitted to loving her!

Image result for precious hearts angelo excel formosa romance stallion riding club series

HAHAHAHA DAMMIT. I STILL LOVE THIS BOOK. My high school friends and I were obsessed with this 32 PHP pocketbooks, no joke. The Stallion Riding Club series is kind of a whole universe where each of the “Stallion boys” has their individual romance set in the riding club. OHMYGLOB THESE WERE GOLDEN DAYS. I’m not even guilty with loving this. This is one of the things I did in high school that I don’t regret at all.

Nostalgia: A throwback song you look back on fondly and a book you read and loved when you were young.

This song is so nostalgic! My best friends Delphanie and Kaye were really fond of Sleeping With Sirens when we were 13. This just reminds me so much of the innocence we have in this age; how utterly stupid we were and how we had so much fun with our dumb decisions. They still are my best friends and we often hang out despite our schedules and different college schools. Wow. Listening to this kinda pierced my heart. High school has a special place in my heart!

Image result for the fault in our stars

This was one of the first YA Contemporary books that I’ve read when I was still 14 and I have to thank John Green for introducing me to YA books and to my new bookish friends in high school (Hey there Starlene! You the best reader momma) Although John Green may receive so much flak today, I still love him and TFIOS is no doubt one of my foundations as an avid reader. Thank you Gus and Hazel!

And that’s it! This is by far the most personal book tag I’ve done. Growing up, I was really passionate about music and books so this put a smile on my face and, kind of hurt me in all the right spots.

I’m tagging…YOU! 

And also these people because I want to know their music preferences and personal stories! This was a cathartic tag and I hope you guys would feel the same doing this.

Rita | Shri | Ella | Nicay | Sophie| Luxe

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Out Of My Comfort Zone Book Tag!

Hello there allies, archenemies, and everyone in between! It’s time for another tag again and, I really find this quite refreshing especially when my reading has been on a standstill (temporarily). Doing book tags is also a fun and guilt-free way to put on some content when you just can’t find the inspiration to write something creative HAHAHA. I’ve seen this book tag from Clo @ Bookdragons!


You have to pick ONE GENRE that you frequently read about… and then, you can’t use ANY books from that genre while answering the questions!

So naturally, that genre for me would be F-A-N-T-A-S-Y. This is gonna be difficult!

A Book That Is An Exception When It Comes To Genres Or Elements You Don’t Typically Like


This book deserved all the hype it’s been getting! Historical Fiction isn’t really my thing to be honest. I’ve only sparsely read in this genre so when I jumped on the hype train for this one, I definitely wasn’t prepared to be hit with a lot of jumbled feelings! It was a solid 5 star read.

A Book You Enjoyed From A Genre You Previously Held Some Stigma Against

Related image

Truth be told, I once had internalized homophobia. I wasn’t judgmental of the LGBTQ community and just let them do their own thing; as long as their issues and realities don’t touch my life, then I don’t care.

When I found this book in the YA Contemporary Category, I was horrified with my utter disgust with an LGBTQ book. I didn’t like the idea that this was getting so much hype (because surprise! I believed in a heteronormative society so fcking hard) in my own turf. (I was a sucker for straight YA Contemp.)

I didn’t read this until last year and I finally realized my own problematic views weren’t doing me much good. This was such an eye-opening book for me and has a special place in my heart for making me see through the lens of this stigmatized community. Before truly deciding to read this, I found out that my best friends were gay as well as my sister.

I really felt ashamed of myself for being such a fcking apathetic homophobe. It dawned on me that I can’t just delegitimize my relationship with them because of their orientation. I have to understand them first; which is why I read this book as well as Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy. I fought the stigma on my own because of books!!! AND THIS SHOWS THEIR TRUE CHANGING POWER IN OUR LIVES.

A Book You Didn’t Know Was Out Of Your Comfort Zone Until You Started Reading It


DAANNNGGGG. I know I don’t have to mention fantasy books but this really was such an uncomfortable read since I’ve read more on YA Fantasy before. I wanted to finally branch out and thought I could start with Warbreaker since I generally loved Brandon Sanderson’s novellas. This was the first high fantasy book I’ve read in my life, and while it was fcking uncomfortable, it was definitely one of those life-altering books that pushed me out of my comfort zone and introduced me to more gems!

Now, while I still read YA Fantasy, I’ve grown a strong inclination to read more from this subgenre more than anything. Thanks Brandon!!! You the man!

*Also FREE BOOK ALERT. Check out my review of Children of the Nameless by Brandon Sanderson and get the free book in the links!

Pick A Friend Who Motivates You To Pick Up Books You Might Not Normally Be Interested In – Is There A Book They Convinced You To Give A Try?

Image result for false memory dean koontz

My Tita Yvette! She was one of my heavy influences in my early stages of reading and while I was still 14 she let me borrow her Dean Koontz copies. (Spoiler alert: they weren’t typically for 14 year old girls)

A Book That Is Out of Your Comfort Zone, But You Would Like to Read

Image result for lincoln in the bardo

Literary fiction is such a hit or miss but since one of my high school friends seem to love Lincoln in the Bardo so much, I might just give it a try. Plus, I’ve never read books before solely because of an award; which I’m doing for this one.

A Book/Genre So Outside Of Your Comfort Zone That You’ll Probably Never Give It A Chance

Related image

HAHAHHA I’m sorry! I just can’t read horror, I’m not cut out for it. I’ve only read one horror book in my life and I didn’t even finish it! (I even forgot what it is) Stephen King has always been the king of horror fiction, but I am incapable of kneeling to his regime. NEVER. EVER.


You! If you’ve finished reading this lil’ tag and endured with my writing then congratulations! Feel free to do this tag~


  • Did you relate to some of the categories?
  • What are your other “out of the comfort zone” moments in the book community?

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Blogger Recognition Award | In Which I Fawn Over New Fave Bloggers!

Hello there allies, archenemies, and everyone in between! This is actually the first time I’ve been nominated for any blog related awards and, I feel VALIDATED. I can now feel my acne scars fading, my body is now hydrated and brimming with so much life, I feel like I could actually continue with book blogging????

I would like to thank Shri @ sunandchai for tagging me with this award! I actually saw her in Twitter and decided to read her blog content which is SO NOICE. Shri’s actually a very eloquent writer and adeptly conveys her thoughts. I love her personality in her blog posts and how unapologetic and critical she is (without bordering to hate speech or being critical for the sake of clout) My favorite post of hers is The Bastardization of Femininity In YA Media.  GO CHECK HER BLOG OUT PLS. SHE’S PRECIOUS AND DESERVES SO MUCH LOVE.


  • Thank the blogger that nominated you.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

How I Found Myself Falling (Loki-esque) Into The Tartarus Pit of Book Blogging

I never thought that book blogging existed. Ever. Until I found Shealea @ Shut Up Shelea in Goodreads and followed her on Twitter AND FINALLY FOUND HER BLOG. I became very active in GR last year and wanted to meet more Filipina bookworms/dragons you see. So when I found her, I was really *gasps* inspired like hell to make a book blog of mine too so I can constantly connect with people like her (also blog tours because duh?!).

It’s because of Shealea that I found other Filipino book bloggers as well that have such a strong voice and stance in the world of literature. I know this could be pretty cheesy but it’s very empowering to see a community predominated by women that has a powerful influence in the makings of a book and the reader community. That’s just utter super powers okay ???

I was dumbfounded and fascinated with the large bookish community here in my country ONLINE. (Like ohmyglob they actually exist?) I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MY PEOPLE. So there it is, my little nook of bookish fangirling came to life! Now, I try to stay in the radar of the book blogging community to gain more friends (and more books!). I’ve learned that there is a lot of intelligent and healthy discourse here (also just plain dumb drama HAHAHA) and I want to cultivate my character more from this community. It’s actually a nice and welcoming one. It also feels great that at the end of the day, when I’m idle in social media, I could actually talk to people about my passion for reading.


Some Scrap of  “Advice” For New Book Bloggers

When I started blogging, I was under a lot of immense pressure from my own preconstructed standards that I fashioned after being so fcking insecure from fellow book bloggers.

“There’s just so many book bloggers here with aesthetically pleasing web designs than mine!”

“Wow they have so many ARCs! Should I even call myself a book blogger without these?”

“Their content is sooooo amazing and original, how can I even fit here?”

Whatever insecurities you have my dear friend, is also shared by every successful book blogger in this community. So what I’m practically saying here is that, don’t let yourself be stifled from your own self deprecating trash talk. It’s valid and we all do that but don’t let it get in the way of you thriving in uncharted lands. Allow yourself to be called a beginner, embrace the awkward self-discovery, laugh at your own clunky and unpolished posts–then cultivate it at your own pace. 

Did you hear what I say? CULTIVATE AT YOUR OWN PACE. Because we all grow in different phases my dear fellow book blogger. If you don’t feel like posting or writing, then don’t! If you feel like jumping on the hype train every now and then, then feel free to do so guilt free! It’s your blog. Your choices. Your hobby. Your passion. So do it in your own style. At your own pace.

Basically, I’m telling you to just wing it and fck the rest. Truly not a VERY specific advice but this works fine for me, I hope it resonates with you as well.

The 15 Amazing Book Bloggers That Needs All The Recognition

These book bloggers deserves all the love in the world. Make sure to follow them!

These book bloggers had inspired me to continuously grow in the community and also just made me laugh with their content! They’re one of the most amazing people in the community (some don’t even know me though, I just love their blog HAHAH)

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