Review Policy & Request Form


I’ve reviewed a lot of books mostly in my Goodreads account since I’ve started my reading journey mostly in that platform. I would like to clarify that I receive no monetary compensation in my reviews since my blog is created for the sole purpose of promoting books and giving my honest, unbiased opinions to them. However, I offer other services as well for a fee; these are promotional blog tours, cover reveals, author interviews, and even beta reading that can give your upcoming novel a boost. You may refer to my Services Page for further details if you’re interested.

I’m accepting review requests just as long as I don’t have any pending work to do and there are no conflicts with my work schedule. My reviews are not limited to a specific reader audience so if your book may be a Middle Grade, New Adult, or Young Adult one, I am still open to reading it. I also accept requests whether it’s traditionally published or self-published as long as it fits in my desired genres.

You may refer to the list below for the genres that I review:

  • Fantasy (From YA to Epic)
  • Contemporary
  • Crime Fiction
  • Graphic Novels

Special emphasis on the following:

  • Books with Asian Representation with great consideration on Filipinos
  • Books by AOC
  • Books by other marginalized groups

On the other hand, I don’t review books that are:

  • Horror
  • Historical Fiction
  • Nonfiction (Biography, Autobiography, Self-Help Books)
  • Religion-based
  • Erotica
  • Poetry


My reviews will be objective as possible and will pick on the themes explored, plot coherency, world-building, character development, as well as the writing style. However, as a reader, I’ll be rating more subjectively and how it impacted my views.  I intersperse my personal insights and reaction to the review without being overboard (unless if I found your book amazing, I’ll be very vocal with my love for it) since I don’t want to spread hate speech but just give a constructive analysis of why I liked or disliked it.

It should also be known that if I read about problematic views in your book that promote racism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, misogyny, and toxic masculinity, I will no doubt call out these in my review and would be unapologetically blunt about it.

Take note that all my reviews are applicable to the book and not to the writer. However, if it will come to my knowledge that the author of the book that I’m reviewing is a transgressor I will DNF it automatically and redact my support. As they say, you cannot separate the art from the artist.


I accept physical copies and soft copies of books (epub format only) but will prioritize physical copies over digital ones.


You may also reach out to me via email: