The Reading Diet Guide |How To Be Mindful Of What You Read

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! I would go on a limb here and assume that everyone of us loves to read F I C T I O N. However, too much of something isn’t always good, even if it’s just reading.  Continue reading “The Reading Diet Guide |How To Be Mindful Of What You Read”

The Perks of Dating A Mood Reader! + Valentines Blog Countdown

Hello there allies and archenemies and everyone in between! It’s the time to update my blog again because I haven’t had the time and will power to live write or READ ANYTHING for 3 WHOLE WEEKS WHICH IS ???????? ((Also I’m 4 books behind schedule))

Nevertheless, I’m now reviving my blog with this Valentines Blog Countdown, and it’s 3 days away! Do you already have a date? Because I’m sure as heck don’t have one, which is why I’m doing this post.  (I’m actually a mood reader too so at this point this is just basically a cry for help *sobs*) 




They’re spontaneous af.

This is a no-brainer. The very fact that they’re spontaneous with their reading habits means that you’re also in for unconventional and spot on surprises! Heads up because they’re definitely going to shower you with their love in irregular intervals (so you’ll end up craving for more muahahaha).

They’re not expensive because they’re just so dang easy to please.

Duh? Just shove them in the nearest bookstore and you’re good to go! Plus, they don’t believe in the art of planning. Just because they’re probably romantic by nature (blame the books) doesn’t mean you have to do the “grand gesture”. The more spontaneous, (and cheaper) the better.

Mood readers believe that things should blossom naturally. Just like their mood for reading! Don’t force yourself to do the cliches. They’re too knowledgeable with the tropes and will probably choke you (and will also lowkey melt inside) if you try so hard.

They’ll do the extremes just to make time for you.

Let’s face it, everyone’s busy nowadays; but don’t ever doubt the mood reader’s ability to beat their deadlines just to be with you. They might have a short attention span for books sometimes, but when they do read, it’s sure as hell worth the investment. YOU ARE THAT BOOK, MY FRIEND. And believe me when I say that they handle their chosen books with the utmost love and care.

((Did I just relate a human being to a book?))

They’re great with conversations.

Small talks and deep discussions are the mood reader’s forte. They have a lot of opinion and insight for almost everything and will do their best to lengthen the conversation because YOU. ARE. THAT. SPECIAL. Plus, they won’t judge you for your lack of vocab skills, if they do like you that much they would even go so far as converting you into a reader as well.

They value your own space. 

Every people do need some time to do their own stuff and, mood readers understand this all too well. (They also need the time to finish that book they’ve been postponing for almost 2 weeks.)

They’re good listeners and empathetic. 

Now this one is also applicable to ALL readers. Readers are so invested with fictional characters’ feelings and personal background that they can’t help but feel way too much; what more to an actual person that they truly like?

Again, if you’d date a mood reader you are definitely equivalent to that special book she constantly rereads despite her mood shifts. That’s a massive compliment btw. 

Well, there you go! Are you now convinced to date mood readers?

This post is once again a part of the Valentines Blog Countdown hosted by Maybe Miss Molly and is a collaboration with other 13 bloggers! Check out the blog schedule below and maybe you’ll find the perfect Valentines blog for your mood.


  • Do you agree with this list as well?
  • What do you think should be added here?
  • Do you want to date me now? (LOLJK HAHHAHA)

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Another Beginning For Another Ending

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.”
― T.S. Eliot

I’ve grown accustomed with the static permanence in my life that I sometimes fail to acknowledge the beauty in pursuing uncharted lands and in the uncomfortable shift of progress. This 2018, I’ve experienced a little bit of the bad and a whole lot more of the good. Maybe it has to do with karma balancing the woes of last year, or I have to blame the books I read that drastically changed my outlook, or it could simply be an automatic response to all the pent-up creativity and indignance I have in me. Whichever it is, it certainly propelled me to do and experience a lot of great things this year.

And by great things, I meant thought-provoking and euphoric times that made me really feel thankful to be alive. In this dreary country I live in, I think it’s a pretty great achievement; and when you reach beyond your wee teen years, it’s very empowering to know that you’ve channeled a lot of your voice in different forms. This could probably be one of the reasons why I decided to make this blog.

I have to admit that I’m a very impulsive and inconsistent person so I have no doubt that maintaining this platform would be a 50/50 priority. But I guess I would never run out of things to say when it comes to books and reading. I’m proud to say that I’m a reader and a writer, although the latter had taken me so long to admit to myself. This blog would be a channel for me to share more of my passion and my two cents for every interest of mine; from art, to architecture, to literature, to music, and to life in general. This is, after all, a new beginning for the end of my very best year.

“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson