Itch by Mich Cervantes Book Review


Title: Itch

Author: Mich Cervantes

Genre: Sequential Art, YA Contemporary

Date Published: 2015

Rating: 4.25/5.00

Synopsis: Itch gives us a peek into the life of a confused teenage girl Aya Estrada (just some girl), who in her alone time gets to discover and explore pleasures which are often regarded as taboo.

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Hello there allies and archenemies, and everyone in between. It’s the time to review again, and Itch is officially the first book of my 2019! It’s quite symbolic that I chose to read a graphic novel by a Filipino as a kickstarter.

Itch is a humble representation of sexual discovery all of us go through once we reach our teen years. As Filipinos, we were taught that abstinence is the key and that the very act of masturbation and sex is unholy and almost blasphemous. This applies to us because of our strict Catholic beliefs, and for a teenager experiencing these urges, it could be pretty disturbing.


This book reiterates that sexual discovery shouldn’t be a taboo anymore and slut-shaming should be stopped. Why do we keep on leading our teenagers in the dark? It’s just so counterproductive right now, and would just further ostracize them when they feel these urges. Quick reality check: Sexual discovery doesn’t equate to immorality! Also, I’m not here to promote hedonism, there’s this word called “moderation” so yup, please keep that in mind.

This may be a mere 53 paged graphic novel that heavily relies on visuals rather than dialogues to further explain its message, but it still conveys it effectively. Itch in its entirety emphasizes the importance of sex education; if we understand how our body works then there won’t be victim blaming for rape assaults. It’s time to unlearn and relearn!


Curiosity killed the cat? More like the cat gobbled up curiosity instead.


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