The Reading Diet Guide |How To Be Mindful Of What You Read

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! I would go on a limb here and assume that everyone of us loves to read F I C T I O N. However, too much of something isn’t always good, even if it’s just reading.  Continue reading “The Reading Diet Guide |How To Be Mindful Of What You Read”

Book Blogging in the Heat of Arki Thesis Season | A Monthly Series of my Woes & Celebrations

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! Today is actually a free day for me since I permitted myself to not do or think about anything thesis related. When I started this blog I set it upon myself to write about life updates once in a while and anything about stuff OTHER THAN BOOKS. Which I kind of failed because apparently books = life???? So here’s the mandatory life update, plus I decided to write an update on my thesis progress every month because why not? HAHAHH Also, I just want to keep this blog alive while I’m not reading *sobs*

I’m in the middle of writing my architectural thesis and I am not ok. 

Thesis robs you of valuable time to cultivate your passion projects and your precious reading time. Or is it? My tatay (father) says I just have to manage my time wisely (which I’m not good at??) and to not waste it on frivolous matters. HAHAHAH. I’m sorry tatay. 


Writing isn’t a natural skill for me but I’ve honed it ever since fourth-year high school because I kind of like writing essays during exams. However, just because I know how to write now doesn’t mean that I don’t have insecurities on the quality of my output. Most of my classmates know that I have a knack for writing so I know they have expectations that I will consistently produce quality pieces. AND YES I ALSO WANT QUALITY BUT THE EXPECTATIONS IS KIND OF CRIPPLING ME. Har har. Obviously, they’re not explicitly pressuring me BUT BUT BUT.

Right now, we’ve passed our first draft and so far so good but I AM STILL SEETHING FROM MY OWN CRITICISMS. Because honestly, what if people can’t appreciate or worse–comprehend my work? Maybe I’m getting too confident with my writing that I get blinded by my flaws? IS THIS THE RIGHT PROCESS? Do people think I’m arrogant or just humble bragging because of the lack of my bragging skills and my lax demeanor when it comes to writing? What if writing this post is actually a form of humble bragging in itself or just me flexing my thesis? HAHAHAHAHHFCK.

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Honestly, it just keeps on piling up but my self-righteous ass kind of deflected them which is also bad in some ways. BECAUSE WHAT IF I HAVE IMPOSTOR SYNDROME OR  EXPERIENCING THE DUNING-KRUGER EFFECT? (It’s when you think you’re competent when in fact you AREN’T) Man am I tired of myself. I am not ok in the context of my internal and external pressures in my life BUT my mental health is okay, so you don’t have to worry guys!

I have doubts in maintaining this blog as well as announcing a mini-hiatus because I am that indecisive.

I have planned on announcing a mini hiatus for my blog but honestly, I feel kind of scared pushing that “pause” button. Partly because I am just starting to take root in the book community, gaining new friends, and more acknowledgment from bloggers alike and partly because I’m scared that I will stop blogging indefinitely if I find it too hard to write again #burnout.

So right now, I’ve decided to keep it steady (since I still have blog tours) and that I have to accept the fact that I wouldn’t be able to produce new content consistently here. So to compensate, I’ll master the art of blog hopping and it’s been nice so far!

No blog tours for now and I’m semi sad on this matter.

I’ve been participating in a lot of blog tours lately and this is easily one of the best things in book blogging. Mainly because I get to interact with more book bloggers and I am actively promoting books! I mean that’s just a heartwarming activity for an avid reader. I have to thank Caffeine Book Tours by Shut Up, Shealea for the countless book tours I’ve participated because of her. (Join her mailing list as a coffee bean to get updates on upcoming tours as well!) So welp, no blog tours just yet Divine. At least I don’t have that added responsibility on my plate.

Edit: I wrote this a while ago with the firm belief that I WON’T be joining any blog tour but in a span of a week after writing this I’ve already gotten myself tangled w/ 2 blog tours (WHICH HAS FILIPINO REP SO SPARE ME)

Will the book blogging community forget me? Damn straight vine, you are such an attention whore.

I have this crippling fear that everybody would suddenly forget me AND YES I KNOW THAT IT’S WRONG and I started this blog as a personal one but I think it’s pretty normal to feel this way too? My feelings are valid okay? Even if they need to change. Also, I AM NOT AN ATTENTION WHORE, I’d like to clear that up just in case hahahaha. I’ve just gotten so used to the constant validation and empowering community here that it’s a scary prospect to lose them all.

The pressure of eloquently writing my thesis while maintaining this blog and my duties for the school publication just numbs me right now.

So in case you didn’t know guys, I was previously the Features Editor and the Associate Editor-in-Chief of our school publication and it is actually thanks to my accumulated reading and practice in reviewing books that I have gained writing skills. So even if I’m not already in the editorial board this year, my pubmates still rely on me to produce quality articles for the magazine and guide them. Which I am more than happy to provide (pub duties is also one of my passions aside from book blogging) but THE PRESSURE IS TRIPLE. I have thesis, I have ze blog (which I’m still not willing to take a break) and of course my beloved publication team. I don’t know how to solve this problem just yet, but writing it all out clears my head on this matter.

I guess I’ll just have to wing it and really instill my tatay’s words of wisdom. Stop wasting valuable time. AND PRIORITIES!

Initially, I thought I was going to cry while writing this out instead I feel much lighter right now. Writing is cathartic my friends, and nope I am not announcing a mini hiatus! HAHAHA I love this platform so much.

Thank you for reading this “life update” of mine and stay tuned on my next blog post on my thesis progress! Will I spill all my insecurities once again or rant about my incompetence? We’ll both know for sure next month!


  • Do you have some tips for a struggling book blogger like me? IF YES, H E L P. I’m seriously asking for help right now. S A V E   M E.
  • What are your preconceived notions on an architectural thesis?
  • Will you pray for my sanity? If yes, then thank you!

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How A Book Seduces Me To Submission | 12 Reasons That Makes Me Read

Hello there allies, archenemies and, everyone in between! We all know that we have a specific type when it comes to our crushes. I found out that I have a super soft spot for funny guys with the same music taste as mine. Definitely not a stable sign that I’m ready to be in a legit relationship by the way! Welp, this is to say that we also have our own specific type with books and today, I’m going to share to you all how I get smitten with these hardbacks! Continue reading “How A Book Seduces Me To Submission | 12 Reasons That Makes Me Read”

6 Truths I’ve Learned from 6 Months of Book Blogging

Hello there allies, archenemies, and everyone in between! 6 months ago, I was just a mere sapling in the book blogging community, and I kind of like to believe that I still am. Today marks my 6th month as a puny sapling still trying to take root in this wonderful bookish community. These are the 6 “truths” I have more or less learned!

Book blogging is HARD.

I thought book blogging was supposed to be all fun and games???? Well, it certainly is, but I learned that before you put out your content in the blogosphere there are A LOT of external variables to consider.

  • Scheduling. Ooooh the bane of my existence. Being a mood reader and even a more moody writer, scheduling is a scary yet inevitable device that I should master. It’s all fun and games until you don’t have any content scheduled to fill your blog-less days of the calendar!
  • Do people even read my content? Haunts me every time. Not gonna elaborate.
  • What to write? So many ideas but so little time (and motivation) to write.
  • Is this what people want to read? Is this acceptable? AM I VALID?  The insecurities just kept on piling up. With that said, if you also felt this way I suggest you read this post by Marie — How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Book Bloggers. It really made me feel relieved and seen.

These are only some of my constant worries, but tbh maintaining your passion and constantly outgrowing your comfort zone is pretty fulfilling. Despite all the hardships and strains, book blogging is still one thing I enjoy in my life.

The book blogging community is progressive and super welcoming.

The first time I put out a book review in my blog, I was so dang scared and iffy to what will happen. I’ve created a comfortable alcove in Goodreads and branching out into a book blog is utterly terrifying. Yet, so many book bloggers had welcomed me even if it’s just a mere like or comment in my blog posts. I feel validated and at the same time, I found new friends here!

The book blogging community has also extended to book Twitter and because I stan the right ones, my initial perception to a lot of issues circling books have grown tremendously. The book blogging community is a progressive one and, is unapologetic with standing up for equality and diversity. I thought this was just a community fangirling over books alone but it is so much more. I am thankful for this community for somehow shaping my character and views towards literature.

Quality Over Quantity

Starting a book blog is stressful especially when you focus on the numbers. The number of followers, the number of likes, the number of views, etc. I thought that the more I put out content, the more that I feel I belong. Of course, it turned out to be a fallacy.

I’ve deleted some of the posts I did because I realized that it didn’t feel ME. I made this blog to share my love for books and it is just fitting that I do not conform to everything here in the community to feel validated. It’s a little cliche, but being yourself is really empowering, especially when you realize that in the end, people will either like or not like you. You just have to wing it!

With that said, I want to do more creative content in my blog that stamps my personality. It’s liberating to think that I don’t have to necessarily fit a certain mold here.

The Pros and Cons of Blog Tours

Blog tours are one of the many reasons that pushed me to make this blog. I read more free books and I even get to promote authors! But. THERE’S ALWAYS A BUT. Blog Tours are very stressful and conflicting because you’ll be in any way be pretty biased.

  • Should I rate this higher than what I really feel?
  • My tour stop is 3 days away?? AND I STILL HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK.
  • How should I approach the review?

I don’t know if it’s just me tbh. But I realized that I don’t have to necessarily jump on every chance to sign up for a blog tour. Just the trusted ones.

It’s not a Job. It’s a Hobby. 

I’ve seen a lot of book bloggers that monetize their blogs through affiliations like Book Depository, Amazon, etc. I’ve toyed with the idea that maybe I should do this too, but I realized that I’ll just burden myself with more pressure by doing so. One of my friends IRL told me “Do you get paid for it?” and I somehow was insulted by this. Just because I don’t get anything in return from book blogging doesn’t mean it’s not valid.

I do not shame bloggers who monetize their work though, in fact, I salute you if you’re one of them! Consistency is the key, and I’m afraid I’m not cut out for the job. I want this to remain my own little nook without the stress in maintaining it just for the sake of money. THIS IS A NO-WORK SPACE.

Never compromise reading over maintaining the blog.

Sometimes I forget that I started book blogging because I LOVE READING. Which means that I SHOULD BE READING. I got so worked up in creating more content in my blog that it somehow slowed my reading pace. I realized that in the end, I would rather maintain my passion for reading than my (still growing) passion for blogging. That’s what counts.



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